Do I have to change my business operations immediately when I subscribe to Petotum?

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Nizam Habibur

Last Update 2 years ago

PetotumBiz is a highly flexible and efficient management tool that allows you to configure your service as close as possible to your existing operational policies.

If you are already using a simple booking form on your website, using social media messaging or even a text message to manage your customers, you are already halfway there.

For most of our current PetotumBiz partners, the only operation they have had to adjust is moving from a mobile chat app to our platform for booking and customer update purposes.

Once subscribed to PetotumBIZ, your regular customers will need to register on our platform or via mobile apps as a Pet Parent and create their own account and Pet IDs for their pets. Only then will they be able to make bookings for your pet services such as grooming and boarding. 

This is actually more convenient for the customers once registered; they can immediately book your services through the system without sending enquiries and waiting for replies. 

They are also no longer required to bring along vaccination cards as all the information will be uploaded into their pet profiles and sent to you upon making the booking.

Our system will also improve your efficiency and reduce the need to use and store paper forms for registration and other indemnity declarations. You can now say goodbye to those tedious papers that your customers hate.

PetotumBIZ will start you on the path to full digitalisation of your operations.

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