Cancellations and Refunds for Pawrents

Farah Anwar

Last Update 8 miesięcy temu

There are times when something unexpected happens and as a pawrent you might need to request for a refund from the services that you have booked.

To request a refund send us your booking I.D. (e.g. of booking I.D. MYBK003-231223-B017) as well your email address and mobile phone number via our live chat here.

The information will be used for confirmation of the pawrent.

Once confirmation is done, pawrents will be given the option to postpone the date of the service booked within 3 months of the original booking.

However, if you would still like to request a refund of the booking, please bear in mind that you will be bearing the cost of the transaction fee of 3% + RM1 from the total invoice amount.

The booking amount however, will be refunded based on the merchant's discretion. So, do take note that if it is a last minute cancellation, the merchant has every right not to refund the booking amount.

Once the merchant has agreed to the refund, it will take 14 days for the amount to be processed by our team.

If there are any further queries about cancellation and refunds, do drop us an email at [email protected]

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