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Process flow for payment disbursement to pet care providers

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1.   The Remittance Advice cycle starts every Thursday (00:00) and closes every Wednesday (23:59). The payout process takes five (5) working days after the completion of service.

2.   The Remittance Advice is emailed to Pet Care every Friday at 09:00 and/or 16:00.

3.   The payout is processed every Thursday. Business days exclude rest days, public holidays, and federal territory.

Illustration 1: Rest Day & Public Holiday

For Remittance Advice from 6 May to 12 May 2021, the payout was made on 17 May 2021.

13 May & 14 May 2021 - Hari Raya Holiday

15 May & 16 May 2021 - Rest Day

Illustration 2: Public Holiday

For Remittance Advice from 9 Sep to 15 Sep 2021, the payout was made on 17 Sep 2021.

16 Sep 2021 - Malaysia Day

4.   The payout details are stated on the Remittance Advice.

5.   Once paid, Pet Care can view the payout details on the Completed Payout.

6.   Payout will be made for completed service after deducting corresponding charges such as service fee, transaction fee, coupon, etc.

7.   This is the checklist for Pet Care to ensure a timely payout and Remittance Advice is received accordingly.

      a. Check your bank statement to ensure you have provided the correct information.

      b. Please update the bank details timely to avoid delay in getting paid.

      c. The email address and contact number should be reachable and updated whenever the person in charge is no longer available. Please get your mailbox cleared if it is full.

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