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Remittance Advice is a document sent by Petotum to Pet Care, informing Pet Care that an invoice has been paid for their service.

Remittance Advice is sent to Pet Care each Friday at 9 am and/or 4 pm.

Details of Remittance Advice

The primary purpose of Remittance Advice is to help Pet Care matches invoices with payments.

Remittance Advice includes:

     - Remittance Advice’s reference number and date

     - Pet Care’s name, complete address, and email

     - Invoice number

     - Payment amount

Method to send Remittance Advice

Petotum makes an online payment to Pet Care. After completing the payment, Remittance advice is emailed to Pet Care for reference.

Sample of Remittance Advice

Below is the sample of Remittance Advice. 

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