What are my pet insurance policy exclusions?

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Exclusions are things that are not covered by PAWer Insurance. If something happens to your pet that falls into these excluded categories, you can't file a claim to get money back from the insurance company.

Section 1 - Veterinary and Surgical Expenses:

  1. Pre-existing Condition: 
    • If your pet had a health issue before getting the insurance, it's not covered.
  2. Waiting Period: 
    • No coverage for illnesses that occur during a waiting period after getting the insurance.
  3. Specific Treatments: Costs for certain treatments, like surgery for certain conditions, elective treatments, and cosmetic surgeries, are excluded. Costs incurred to purchase any aids, prosthesis including mechanical devices or otherwise (including but not limited to monitoring machinery, carts and diapers), any form of housing or bedding including cages and any palliative care. The costs of any Treatment relating to:

    a) Congenital Conditions;

    b) training or therapy for behavioural Illness;

    c) cryptorchidism or ovariohysterectomy;

    d) dentistry (except dental Treatment due to an Accident);

    e) pregnancy, birth or breeding and any complications thereof;

    f) surgical implants;

    g) organ transplantation;

    h) Elective Treatment and cosmetic surgeries.

  4. Non-Essential Services: 
    • Boarding, hospitalization, tests, or procedures that aren't essential for your pet's health are not covered.
  5. Second Opinions: 
    • Costs for seeking a second opinion from another vet for the same issue are not covered.
  6. Routine and Preventative Care: 
    • Regular treatments like vaccinations, grooming, and preventive measures aren't covered. (supplement vitamins, pet food, Deworm, flea collar etc)
  7. Foreign Object Removal: 
    • If your pet swallows something it shouldn't, the costs to remove it are excluded.
  8. Treatment After Policy Expires: 
    • Any treatment costs incurred after your policy has expired and not renewed are not covered.

Additionally, if your receipts included other non-claimable pet items, such as dog items in a claim for a cat policy, those were also excluded from the claim. 

If this is a topic that you are interested in diving deeper into, the official Malaysia government website allows you to search for registered medications: Malaysia Government Medication Search. Please note that Petotum does not own or is affiliated with this website.

Section 2 - Burial or Cremation Expenses:

If your pet dies due to reasons listed in Section 1, the insurance won't cover burial or cremation expenses.

Section 3 - Third Party Liability:

  1. Deductible: 
    • The first RM500 or RM1,000 (depending on your plan) of every claim is your responsibility.
  2. Loss or Damage to Property: 
    • Costs for damage to your property or others' property in your care are not covered.
  3. Injury or Illness to You or Your Family: 
    • Any harm to you or your family members is excluded.
  4. Disease Transmission: 
    • If someone catches a disease from your pet, the insurance won't cover it.
  5. Fines and Penalties: 
    • Any fines, penalties, or late payment charges are not covered.
  6. Punitive Damages: 
    • Extra charges due to punishment or penalty are excluded.
  7. Prohibited Places: 
    • Any incidents involving your pet in prohibited areas are not covered.
  8. Business Liability: 
    • Claims related to your profession or business are excluded.
  9. Contractual Liability: 
    • The insurance doesn't cover liabilities you take on through contracts unless you would be liable without the contract.

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